“The eye of the island”
Abc’s lost television series

Ask the people who know me best, I can become a bit carried away, even obsessed, when it comes to certain things. The television series Lost was one of those things. I blogged about it, followed an online poster series, and endlessly bored my wife and friends with different Lost theories. The loss of productive time alone would cause most reasonable people to take a step back. I, however, dove in deeper and in the process rediscovered my love of drawing and detailed inking.

The art/poster series that coincided with the penultimate season of Lost was the genesis of my inspiration for this illustration. The artists that were picked to create the posters produced some brilliant pieces. Their posters can be seen here.

I chose to do portraits of two of the most likeable TV bad guys I can think of. The finished piece features the character John Locke played by the mighty Terry O`Quinn. I also started, but have yet to finish, a portrait of Ben Linus (Michael Emerson), as well as several other non-Lost portraits and a drawing of the US Capitol building for one of my clients. Hopefully I will have more illustraion work to share in the near future.